Mortgage Loan Officer / Real Estate REALTOR® (23 years’ experience)

Specialties: Mortgages, Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, Consulting

Edward P Kalavitz is a Mortgage Consultant / REALTOR® Of Private Mortgage Guarantee and Morse Realty. At Private Mortgage Guarantee and Morse Realty we strive to be your best resource in West Michigan when it comes to mortgages, selling or purchasing homes. As a Mortgage Consultant / REALTOR® it is my goal to provide the most up to date information, strategies, and advice to help my clients navigate the market. I Pride myself on business growth that is built on over 90% of my clients being repeat or referrals. My focus on education and planning ensures a smooth transition for my clients. Edward has a passion for building relationships and helping people accomplish their goals in real estate. He has many years of experience in the industry and has surrounded himself with a team of professionals to ensure outstanding results for his clients. Edward has developed strategies for Mortgage borrowers, sellers and buyers to succeed in any market and is excited to put his knowledge to work for you!

If you have any further questions about the Grand Rapids area or Grand Rapids real estate markets, please don’t hesitate to call Edward at (616) 633-3692

We are mortgage brokers and experts in locating the best mortgage for your individual circumstances. We have extensive experience in the Jumbo, Super Jumbo, conforming mortgage, Fha mortgage and particularly specialized in niche products. We can help you secure a residential mortgage loan, even if you have bad credit history or challenging circumstances. We pride ourselves upon finding the best mortgage for you in the shortest possible time, plus making the experience as hassle-free as possible.

We have always been on the side of the customer, always suggesting the most appropriate mortgage for you. We have an unparalleled depth of experience within Mortgages for home buyers. All of our brokers and mortgage administrators have worked for several years within major lenders. Consequently we know what is required to get the best result in the quickest possible time.

We offer unique set of products not generally available or offered by your banks and credit unions. Whether you need a refinancing...or a home-equity loan, We are your best source for:

  • the most simplest application process so you save time securing your loan.
  • advice and guidance at every stage of your loan process.
  • complete understanding of your financial situation even if you’ve had bad credit or financial problems in the past.
  • a speedy closing procedure - so you can utilize your money to work right away!

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